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Claudia Laroye

Get Tagging! At Berlin’s Paint Your First Graffiti

Channel your inner graffiti artist at Berlin’s Paint Your First Graffiti In just about any major city, it’s hard to miss the signs of urban graffiti culture. What was once considered vandalism in certain quarters has become elevated to an art form, due in...

3 new hotel openings we just have to see!

Three amazing places to rest your weary head The hotel industry is ever changing, keeping up with fashion trends and travelers’ needs and desires. In the world of luxury hotel properties, everything is kicked up a notch as guests are willing to pay a bit extra...

Kango Keeps Kids and Families Safe on the Go

If your mom life involves juggling the day’s errands, racing around to get various kids from point A to points B, C, D and E, relief is on the horizon. If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, Kango, voted “Best Uber for Kids” by San Francisco Magazine in July 2017,...

Get down with #VanLife in the ultimate Happier Camper

Get Down with #VanLife in the Ultimate Travel Accessory Ultra-Light Happier Camper If you’ve read about nature deficit disorder, you’ll know that 1. It’s not a medical diagnosis; and 2. It is a useful metaphor for how alienated we’ve become from the natural world....

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