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Claudia Laroye

6 Delicious Vancouver Eateries for Kids

Six Vancouver Eateries for Kids Food plays a big part of any family holiday or day trip outing. Children can be picky eaters at any age, and finding a family-friendly dining spot to suit all tastes and appetites can be a huge challenge. Vancouver, located on the west...

Five Great Museums for Kids in Vancouver, Canada

The west coast city of Vancouver, Canada, gets its fair share of wet weather, especially during the winter months. This means that parents need to think inside the box for kid-friendly fun, when the outdoors proves to be just too, well, wet. But no matter the weather,...

How to Spend the Weekend in Chicago

Five things you must see and do 1. Take an Architecture River Tour: The devastating Chicago Fire of 1871 may have burned the downtown to the ground. But from its ashes rose a city skyline and architectural landmarks that are unrivaled in the United States. A Shoreline...

How to Spend the Weekend in Houston, Texas

Say Howdy to Houston As the largest city in Texas, and the fourth largest city in the United States, you might expect just about everything to be larger than life in Houston. The city is spread out and seems to go on forever, at least until the city limits hit the...

12 Crazy Cool Ice Cream Trucks around the USA

It’s nearly summer, and yes, we’re screaming for ice cream. The seasonal appearance of the ice cream push cart goes back to the early days of the 20th century. But the timeless allure of a travelling truck of frozen ice cream treats, sandwiches, and shakes remains as...

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