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Get Tagging! At Berlin’s Paint Your First Graffiti

Mar 13, 2018 | Life

Channel your inner graffiti artist at Berlin’s Paint Your First Graffiti

In just about any major city, it’s hard to miss the signs of urban graffiti culture. What was once considered vandalism in certain quarters has become elevated to an art form, due in part to the skill and creativity of local graffiti artists. If you’ve ever had the urge to take a shot at tagging or painting a bare wall yourself, but were worried about the how to’s, not to mention the legal issues, your chance for graffiti greatness has arrived.

Berlin’s Paint Your First Graffiti company offers easy-to-follow, fun and informative graffiti workshops in the heart of the city. Located in the historic area not far from the former Berlin Wall, these workshops are completely legal and taught by experienced and talented graffiti art veterans. No need to tag and run, you’ll be learning from the pros on the up and up, and have an Insta-worthy masterpiece to show for your efforts.

“I’ve been doing graffiti art for over 15 years and was drawn to Berlin for its vibrant street art culture,” says Sylvain, Founder of Paint Your First Graffiti.  “This is a great way to learn about its history and to take part in the art of creating graffiti. We make sure everyone leaves having had a great time.

The Berlin graffiti workshops take place in Prenzlauer Berg’s famous Mauerpark, known for both its street-art culture and much loved Sunday flea market. Mauerpark was built in the former no-man’s land between East and West Berlin, site of many famous photos and events leading up to Germany’s reunion.

So who goes to a graffiti workshop? Attendees range from couples and friends, to families and even firms looking for a unique team-building experience. Workshops run for three hours, and Paint Your First Graffiti provides all the supplies and guidance needed.

Attendees learn all about the history of graffiti art style and get tips on sketching the wall art. Then you get the chance to paint your own legal graffiti wall. This is really quite a cool and unique experience, making for a fantastic and lasting travel memory.

Establish your street cred and leave your mark – literally – at this unique hands-on workshop at Berlin’s Paint Your First Graffiti.

Photo Credit: Paint Your First Graffiti

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