How to pack for mild weather and maximize your travel style

This might seem simple to some, but packing for a trip can be very stressful for others – especially if you have limited packing space. Bringing just a carry on for a 5-7 day trip is totally possible and I’m going to show you how! Since the weather is getting chilly this particular packing inspiration is for how to pack in mild weather, like autumn and spring.

Step#1 – Pick two pairs of pants

For this example on how to pack I picked a pair of distressed girlfriend jeans & a pair of black skinny jeans. Any of your favorite denim jeans will do and I imagine you all have a pair of black skinny jeans, right? Well, if no, you should get some ASAP. They are the easiest pair of pants to dress up or down and are a travel staple for me.

Step #2  – Pick your statement pieces

Based on your pants add two or three statement pieces such as jackets, coats, and sweaters that can interchange with both pants. These are really the pieces that will be the focus that everything else will work around, so make sure you love them and are appropriate for where you are going.



You’ll want to pack neutral layering pieces (grey, white, black or beige) and maybe throw in a stripe. Fun trendy graphic t-shirts are also perfect for layering under sweaters and light jackets. A good denim shirt or a button up shirt can also go a long way and adds a nice mix so you do not have all t-shirts. You can easily dress them up with the right accessories too.

Step #4 – Match the best shoes & handbags

Three pairs of shoes. One on your feet and two in the suitcase. You honestly should really never need more than three pairs of shoes for a basic trip. Comfortable tennis type shoes, a casual flat or boot, and a dressier shoe that could be a fancy flat, heel or a boot. Usually you will need two handbags, maybe a large tote bag and then a crossbody bag or a cutch for going out at night. Pack a brown and black and you will be covered.

Step #5 – Add Accessories

If you are lucky and you have a multi-colored scarf that can easily interchange with all the outfits then fantastic! But if not, pack two or even three scarves. Scarves are light and easy to pack. Grab a few necklaces, bracelet and maybe some fun earrings for a night out and you are all set!

As you can see, many of these items can be mixed and matched to create several outfits. Depending on the shoes and accessories you can take both of these jeans from a casual day look to a night-time look very easily.

See! I told you it wasn’t that hard to learn how to pack!



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