Last minute holiday travel tips

If you aren’t already on the road, it either means you are about to leave or you are staying put. We’ve got a few last minute tips for those loading up the car or packing their bags before heading to the airport. Anyone staying home this year may glean a few bits of wisdom as well. After all, we can all use a reminder to chill out over the holidays, right?

Count your bags

If you are traveling by air with your kids consider sticking an empty duffle bag in your suitcase, especially if your children are too young to carry their own bag. Once all of the presents are exchanged you will have an extra bag to check at the one bag rate (domestic) or for free (international) saving you tons of money in shipping costs.

Get your gifts home

Drivers should be able to get most gifts home provided grandma and grandpa didn’t buy the kids their own mini racecar. In that case you may need to head to the hardware store from some good bungee cords. Those flying can check an extra bag or pack a box (under 50bs) to check as luggage on the plane. It can be much cheaper than shipping gifts back to yourself via Fed Ex or the post office.

Don’t stress about delays

Things do and will go wrong around the holidays. You could get stuck in traffic or your flight could be cancelled or delayed. Everyone wants to see their loved ones, but sometimes there is nothing you can do but smile and sing a few more Christmas carols.


Don’t forget to drink lots of water. Odds are you will be eating a whole lot more and having an adult beverage or two this holiday season. In the northern hemisphere, the central heat will be blasting away leaving you feeling dried out. A bit of extra water in your diet will leave your skin feeling healthy, and keep you full and away from that huge tray of cookies your mom just popped in front of you. OK, well maybe it will make you stop at three cookies at least.

Bend the house rules

The kids want to stay up late with their cousins when they normally are in bed by 6pm? OK. Why not? Now is the time to bend some of the house rules. Don’t break the major ones, but remember, this is the holidays and memories are being made. If grandma wants to slip the kid an extra cookie, well, let her. You can go back to nothing but fruits and veggies at snack time after new years


Above all else be grateful for who is around you this season. No matter what bizarre gift your Great Aunt Harriet just handed you, keep in mind that there are people with far less than you this season. Hug your friends and family a little extra this year and show how grateful you are to have loved ones in your life.

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