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Twist Travel Magazine is a collaborative print and digital magazine created by lifestyle and family travel writers, bloggers and influencers. Together we are compiling some of the best travel stories and experiences for families and putting them all in one publication. The content is rich in travel, providing readers with the essential information they need to plan their next city break, luxury vacation or wild expedition. We also sprinkle in everyday lifestyle tips to bring travels into the home between adventures!

We carefully craft each issue to include at least five feature stories, a spotlight on a specific destination, and a column entitled “she gets around” where we feature a special traveling woman and her recent travels. Our unique hotel picks section is where we show off some of the best accommodations from across the globe. We also want to bring the world back home, so we include recipes and lifestyle stories that appeals to our readers as well as seasonal favorites that help to set the style and mood of the current issue.

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