Big News: Burton’s Step On Technology

If there is one thing I am totally stoked about this winter, it’s Burton’s new Step On™ Technology for snowboarders. As a snowboarding mom, this news has had me giddy with excitement! Having just hit the market, Burton’s Step On™ Technology is an entirely new approach to boot-to-binding integration that is faster, easier and retains the performance of a traditional binding.

Snowboarders can now just step on and go! This changes everything.

For anyone that snowboards, you know that the biggest annoyance is having to keep fastening and un-fastening your bindings from your boot, while skiers just simply click and go. Once I am off the chairlift I usually have to find a spot to sit down to refasten my boot and binding, yes I am skilled to do this standing up too, but even that takes more time then having to just step in and go. I also snowboard with two kids in tow, so helping them to refasten their bindings can take some work as well.

If you ski, chances are you have seen all the snowboarders sitting around refastening their bindings, while you just breeze right past us with your skinny skies and poles.

*All photos by Gabe L’Heureux

This is a huge announcement within the winter sports community, where Burton Snowboards has always been a leader, paving the way for riders in terms of new technology and advancements. Secure and ready for the entire mountain, the Step On™ boot-to-binding connection offers unprecedented convenience and performance – it’s Step On and go.

Just last week Burton had a Step On™ launch event in Vail, Colorado and had some snowboarders give the new Step On’s a try.  Oh how I wish I could have been there!

How Burton Step On Technology Works

  • Using similar technology to Burton’s industry-leading strap buckles, Step On™ locks the boot into the binding without the need for straps. There are three connection points (two by the toe and one at the heel) deliver unmatched security and board control by locking the boot to the binding.
  • To get in, you simply step into the binding with the heel cleat aimed at the heel clip. Once the heel clicks, press down with your toes and engage the toe cleats. When the heel cleat engaged is with the heel clip, your primary retention is locked in. As you apply weight to your toes the toe cleats will engage with the toe hooks and you will be fully engaged in the system.
  • The Burton Step On system has been rigorously tested in all types of snow conditions, and on all types of terrain. As with any bindings, it is important not to allow snow to build up under your boot before engaging the boot with the binding.
  • Other stand-out features include dual zone BOA®, the world’s fastest and most adjustable closure system, on the Step On boots. And, the Step On™ bindings are universally compatible with all current snowboard mounting systems including 4×4, 3D and The Channel.
  • The Step OnTM men and women’s bindings retail for $249.95. Riders can choose between the men’s Ruler Step On™ boots ($299.95) and men’s Photon Step On™ boots ($399.95), or the women’s Limelight Step On™ boots ($299.95) and women’s Felix Step On™ boots ($369.95).
  • For more detailed information head to the Step On Tech Glossary

  • To pre-order Step On™, head to And check out the full list of Step On™ test centers at select retailers that will offer complimentary demos this upcoming winter.

As of right now, Burton Step On’s are only available for men and women, not kids sizes, but the women’s smallest is a size 5 and the men’s is a size 7, so if you have tweens or teens, they might be lucky enough to fit into the smaller sizes.

Where are my snowboarding moms at?

I feel that there are a very small percentage of moms who snowboard, but I really cannot say for sure. I just know that when I am standing in line at the chairlift, I look around and hardly ever see moms on snowboards. I see plenty of young kids, packs of twenty-somethings and usually a handful of dads, but where are my snowboarding moms at!?

Do you ski or snowboard? Do your kids snowboard?

Andrea Fellman is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Twist Travel Magazine. She is a stylish nomad and expat mom living in Barcelona with her husband, two kids and a dog! She blogs about family travel, expat life, and her online business adventures at Wanderlust Living.

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