I am not a professional packer. I generally pack more than necessary for a trip and always forget something at home. I am the woman who is scrambling the night before, and snipping at her husband and kids while I make a mad dash for the washing machine to get one more load done that we have to pack.

I should be a packing list pro, but I’m not. If I was I wouldn’t be so crazy.

It is all in my head what we need, which is probably why something is always forgotten. What’s a trip without a scramble to find deodorant in a foreign country? It’s what makes life fun.

I do have a few must-haves I can’t leave the house without.

  • Passport and Visa (if applicable)
  • Cash in case of emergency
  • 1 ATM card + 1 credit card
  • Baby (if applicable)
  • One pair of undies: I have lost my luggage before. It’s not pretty.
  • Extra t-shirt: kids can get messy on planes, luggage can get lost
  • iPhone with movies loaded on it
  • Camera bag

Just in case you have aspirations to be a packing pro, which I actually do have, here are a few lists from fellow travelers that have it much more together than me when it comes to getting a suitcase out the door.


Packing Light
Travel with Kids
Outdoors, Activities and Adventures

Long Term Travel

Destination Specific

 What’s on a must on YOUR packing list? 

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