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What is solo parent travel?

Whether you’re a single-parent family or in a partnership, there may be times when caregivers travel alone with the young ones. Be it a business trip with the kids in tow or a vacation where dad and children fly out first and mom meets up a few days later. Whatever the circumstance, taking a trip with kids, without grownup help, comes with its own set of challenges and rewards.

Our Solo Parent Travel  pages will help you prepare for the special ups and downs that come with being the sole caregiver on the road. We share practical tips and our own harried tales with lots of encouragement along the way.


Important paperwork to grab before you travel solo with your kids: You have the passports, but before you head out the door with your kids you may want to bring a consent form signed by the parent who is not traveling.

The first step

Getting out the door is the hardest part of travel: Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get the kids shoes on and just go to the grocery store, park or to a friend’s house. It is no different when it comes to travel; you just may be taking a longer journey to get to your destination.

Nerves versus a first time solo traveling mom: A personal look at my first solo trip to Asia with my son. I was scared, but excited to start the journey.

Face your fears

I’m terrified of traveling with my kids: We all have the fears. We just can’t help it. How do you push past the fear that anything and everything could happen to your kids and still go out to see the world? I’ll show you how.

Travel with kids: facing your fears on the road: Push past the excuses, get yourself out the door and face those fears that your kid will have a meltdown. They have them at home; now go to someplace fabulous so they can have one there, too.

Your toddler is driving you insane, but you want to travel: It happens to all of us. We hit the toddler years with our kids, they go insane thus causing us to go insane, and the cycle goes round and round. Embrace the insanity that comes with the “whys,” tantrums and dropped naps.

Lessons from the road

What I learned while traveling alone with kids (and why I may never do it again): Jessica from show the struggles behind a trip alone with your kids, but also the lessons she and her boys learned along the way.


Nothing to fear when flying solo with your kids: Even if you feel like your trip could be a disaster, watch out! You might just be pleasantly surprised.

Traveling without kids

How will the kids survive without mom for one week: Sometimes you just have to leave the kids at home with dad, or mom, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even friends. These trips sometimes feel like even more work than getting everyone out the door. You have to prep the house, get everyone’s schedules in order, and think of every possibility that could occur while you are gone. Grab some tips to make your life easier and a bit more sane so you can go off and enjoy yourself without worry.  * read more about travel without kids in our Travel without kids section.

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