Tava Adventures Travel Guides are fabulous mini-travel guides for kids. The guides come packaged in passport-sized wallets and hold cards that contain key information about the city as well as activities. They are beautifully designed and a wonderful way to engage kids both pre-trip and while you’re on the go.

I bought the Tava Adventures Travel Guide to Florence when we visited a couple of years ago and my kids loved using them. They contain just enough information for children to take onboard (no fussy lists of historical dates or complicated theories!) and the activities are well-designed to keep kids engaged.

When we visited the Uffizi Gallery, for example, the activity card had pictures of four famous paintings that the kids had to find in the museum. The cards had been designed so that the works of art featured were placed at the beginning, middle and end of the gallery, thereby keeping the kids amused for our entire visit. If you’ve ever been to an art museum with kids, you know that keeping them occupied can be a Herculean task!



Tava Adventures is the brainchild of Kady Lieber, a mom of two who, up until recently, was based in Switzerland. The Lieber family love to travel and have been on adventures all over the world and are passionate about making travel fun and exciting for kids.

During their time living in Europe, the family travelled all over and Kady would make travel cards for her eldest daughter so that she would be entertained in museums while Kady could enjoy the art. Her daughter loved these cards so much that Kady made more and more until Tava Adventures was born. The company was launched in July 2015 with the goal of producing guides for kids that were easy to carry, entertaining and educational.

To inspire all young globe-trotters to never stop searching for the next adventure and to always take one step further than the day before

More recently the Lieber family have been on an adventure of a different kind as they have been dealing with their youngest daughter Ava’s brain cancer diagnosis. Incredibly, this family looks for the positive and the amazing in their everyday life and continue to want to “encourage families to adventure more whatever that adventure may be”. You can read more about this inspiring family here.

Tava Adventures now have guides to the following destinations:

  • Switzerland
  • Paris
  • London
  • Florence
  • Venice
  • Rome
  • New York City
  • Seattle
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Diego
  • Kenya

They also offer travel game cards for airplane travel as well as road trips in the USA.

These guides can all be purchased on the Tava Adventures Travel Guides website. Make sure to follow them on Instagram, too!

Katja Gaskell is a travel writer recently returned to London, U.K. after 12 years of living abroad in Australia, India and Mexico. She’s the co-founder of globetotting.com and is a firm believer that you can – and should! – take your kids everywhere. Katja has written across a range of titles for Lonely Planet guidebooks, tested luxury hotels for Mr & Mrs Smith and has contributed to publications including BBC Food, Hotelier International and The Australian.

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