Spring Issue: Tulips in Bloom

We are giddy over the spring issue of Twist Travel Magazine and because we just can’t hold it in any longer, we wanted to share the gorgeous cover with you! PIcking a cover for the issues is one of the hardest parts of putting together the issue – no seriously. There are usually a few photos that we go back and forth on, but with this issue that was not really the case. Sure we had one or two others that were being considered, but the moment we placed these gorgeous tulips – I literally gasped!! Then shouted via Skype text to Keryn “That’s it. THAT IS IT!”



The cover is the beautiful work of Jurga Van Steenbergen, from FullSuitcase.com. Jurga was born in Lithuania and now lives in Belgium. She is a mom, traveller, photographer, and blogger who has been sharing her family travel expertise online for years. Her blog is a wealth of knowledge for anyone seeking to explore the world with their kids.She is also a Getty Images photographer and a member of Lonely Planet Pathfinders. Her photography has been featured in thousands of publications and websites worldwide, including Forbes and Lonely Planet, to name just a few.

So to say we are thrilled to have her photo on the cover is an understatement.

“Seeing the first tulips after a long gray winter always feels special to me. Noticing all the new blooms peeking through a sea of green stems makes you stop and literally want to smell the flowers. It’s a beautiful reminder that the chills of winter winds will be another distant memory, and the warmth of summer will soon be here. It’s my favorite time of the year in the Low Countries.” – Jurga Van Steenbergen

For more about what’s inside the spring issue and to pre-order a printed copy click here!

Andrea Fellman is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Twist Travel Magazine. She is a stylish nomad and expat mom living in Barcelona with her husband, two kids and a dog! She blogs about family travel, expat life, and her online business adventures at Wanderlust Living.

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