The Tiqets app that gets you in front of the line, every time!

Behold, the travel app that you’re actually going to use! Trust me on this one. As someone who has downloaded hundreds of travel apps, that just sit there collecting digital dust on my phone, the Tiqets app has actually made it to my home screen, it’s a total game changer for purchasing tickets to all the world’s greatest attractions.

Tiqets is the mobile app that has finally made it fast, easy and convenient to purchase tickets for any historical monument, museum, or sightseeing attraction in cities all around the world! Not only have they made it quick and easy but it will save you time and a whole lot of headache and hassle.

How it Works

They have made this app so simple and easy to use it barely needs explaining. Honestly, BRAVO to the brilliant team over in Amsterdam who developed this, the user experience is totally smart and sexy.

Step One: Download the App

Step Two: Select the city where you are going and start browsing all the available attractions

{See examples for top attractions in Amsterdam, Barcelona or London}

Step Three: Select the available dates and times available

Step Four: Purchase tickets

Step Five: Recieve a confirmation and your tickets via your mobile phone

Step Six: Go to your selected attraction and have them scan your Tiqets QR code

Told you it was easy. Pretty sure a toddler could do it.

Other reasons why the Tiqets App is fantastic!

Important Information & Directions

When on the page of the specific attraction it gives you all the important information you need to know before you go, as well as a map, what metro and bus lines get you there, a short description of the attraction, and any specific information like if no backpacks or strollers are allowed.

Last Minute Ticket Buyers – raise your hands!!

I’ve been the mom at the airport after landing in a city saying “Oh shit, I forgot to buy tickets for______!” so if you’re that mom as well, Tiqets is going to make it seem like you are the rock star trip planner that you are.

Or, you can literally be sitting at brunch in Paris, open the app and cruise attractions in Paris to see what’s available and decide that day what you want to do. For those of us that sometimes like to be spontaneous or don’t like to have a strict military itinerary for our trip… this is like having an emergency concierge in your pocket.

*That being said, if it is the middle of the summer and you want to get to the top of the Eiffel tower, you may be very disappointed as many top attractions sell out in the height of summer no matter where you source your tickets. So it is best to buy in advance for peak seasons.

Your Ticket Wallet & Reminders

Forget about searching in your email inbox for all your tickets, or wondering whether it was actually your husband who bought the tickets, all the tickets you purchase are neatly organized in your Tiqets wallet within the app. They also send you reminders about your purchased tickets, so if you can’t remember if you bought tickets for 11:00 or 1:00, they’ll tell you.

For making it so easy, there might be a small fee

There is a small fee added to some of the tickets for purchasing through this app, so you might pay a little bit more than perhaps the attractions website or a few other ticket type other sites, but honestly, I am happy to pay this fee for how easy it has been to buy tickets for attractions the night before or even the day of.

I have used this app in Barcelona, London, Paris and Florence and each time it has taken away so much stress. The Tiqets app has even given me ideas on things to do and suggested attractions that I was not even aware of, making it a helpful trip planning tool as well.

Disclosure: This is in no way a sponsored post. I LOVE this app so I was thrilled to share it with you!! However, Twist has recently become an affiliate so we may earn a small commission should you purchase tickets through some of our links and widgets.


Andrea Fellman is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Twist Travel Magazine. She is a stylish nomad and expat mom living in Barcelona with her husband, two kids and a dog! She blogs about family travel, expat life, and her online business adventures at Wanderlust Living.

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