Things To Do in Hong Kong with Kids

Over the past few days of wandering the streets I’ve come up with a handy list of things to do in Hong Kong with kids, particularly those under age 2, and a few things that you might want to wait on. This is based on being a solo traveling mom without an extra set of hands to help with steps, eager baby legs that want to walk, a semi-nap schedule to work around, and a very short attention span. Not to mention the heat that we had to escape every now and then.

Hong Kong with Kids

For the 2 and under crowd (older kids welcome too)

  • Star Ferry Rides- boats are fun
  • Ride the MTR anywhere- like boats, trains are also really fun, especially for little boys.
  • Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens- monkeys, need I say more?
  • Hong Kong Park- there is an aviary and also a children’s playground
  • Goldfish Market- what kid doesn’t like fish and other aquatic animals?
  • Fa Yuen Market- loads of yummy street food and stuff to look at
  • Temple Street Night Market – try to hit this after your jetlag has eased up a bit. Nighttimes are always rough for us in the beginning.
  • Any seafood restaurant- the tanks with live fish will keep your kid mesmerized for at least a few minutes. You just might not get to eat, as you will be chasing them back to the table most of the time
  • Kowloon Park- flamingos, ducks, geese, loads of water features and lots of open space for little legs to run around.
  • The Peak Tram- if the weather is clear, which it wasn’t for us on the day I had scheduled to go up, the tram ride looks like fun and the walk around the peak is nice for little legs to do some running.

For a slightly older crowd, or when you have help

  • Macau- hot, crowded, lots of steps to the coolest sights. Not easy to squeeze in around nap time.
  • Big Buddha- lots of steps. You will also need more than the few hours you can usually get between naps to do this one.
  • Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple- there are lots of steps and also wild monkeys. Although monkeys are always a draw for me, they may also run off with your child.

This is in no way a complete list of all the things you can do with a kid, so make sure you do your research before your trip. Also, keep in mind that there are only 2 seasons in Hong Kong, summer (very hot) and sort of winter (still t-shirt weather).

This past trip I was looking for quick, simple and cheap. I had grand plans of doing many things, but the reality of traveling with a child under 2 is a lot more complicated than the dream world I seem to live in when I plan our trips.

Hong Kong with Kids

Hong Kong harbor with Chinese Ship via

3 thoughts on “Things To Do in Hong Kong with Kids”

  1. jasrey lee

    Hi. Will go to HK next year, around July. I’ll be bringing my two-year old with me. Like you, I plan feverishly for this trip because it would be my first time traveling with my kid. I came across your blog on Butterfly on Prat, and I was wondering which room you booked? I was thinking of booking this same hotel, but I’m a bit apprehensive since I have a kid. But when I read your blog, I realized that Butterfly on Prat is doable. Thank you. I have subscribed to your newsletter, by the way, because I also believe that just because I have a kid does not mean I should give up my passion for traveling. Thank you for the encouragement 🙂

    1. Keryn @ Walking On Travels

      You will have an amazing time in HK. Butterfly on Pratt was a great location to set up with my then 20 month old. It was very close to Kowloon park and the staff was very nice. Easy access to take away food if you have to eat in your hotel too. Have fun!!!! Let me know how it goes when you get back 🙂

  2. Keryn @ Walking On Travels

    So how was your trip??? Did you all survive? How was the serviced apartment. I think we will do that next time. We just were never there long enough before.

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