10+ Travel Safety Tips To Plan Your Epic Family Trip

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We all want to stay safe when we are flying with kids. Knowing the best travel safety tips that can help you protect your family, isn’t always easy. There is a lot to think about to just get out the door, let alone what you should do before you leave, while on the airplane and once you land. 

To give you some peace of mind, we are diving into all of our healthy habits whenever we travel domestically or internationally with friends and family. 

Travel Safety Tips

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Practice Healthy Habits before a trip with kids

  1. Wash your hands regularly. If you can’t wash your hands, use a hand sanitizer with alcohol in it to really fight those nasty germs you can pick up on the plane. 
  2. Drink plenty of water. Hydration helps you flush out impurities in your body. If you are hydrated on your flight, you are less likely to dehydrate, leaving your body more exposed to the elements and germs around you. 
  3. Always carry a mask and wet wipes when you leave the house, to continue to protect you and your kids, even when not on a family trip. 
Travel Safety Tips

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Travel Safety Tips

Print out important documents

We always make copies of our credit cards, passports and Global Entry cards before we head out on an international vacation. If we are staying domestic, I still make a copy of our I.D.s and credit cards. 

I leave one set at home and put a second set in my carry-on bag. This way if anything gets lost or stolen, I have all of the phone numbers handy and essential information to replace what was lost. 

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Travel Safety Tips

Get Travel Insurance

You just never know when an accident or illness will strike. As healthy travel gets a bit more difficult to predict, knowing you have back-up support is essential to domestic and international travel with kids. 

Before you buy a travel insurance policy, make sure they cover virus outbreaks to get you home and also get you medical attention if needed. Some will also cover your expensive gear, hospitalizations and helicopter evacuation. 

Just make sure you buy a multi-trip travel insurance policy and that EVERYONE in your family is on your policy. It doesn’t help your kids if they break an arm and you are the only one with travel insurance. 

Baby Travel

Clean Your Airplane seat area

Pack cleaning wipes in your purse or carry-on bag to wipe down your seat, tray table, arm rests and even the window. Kids touch EVERYTHING, so you want to make sure you get as much dirt and germs off surfaces as possible. 

Despite airlines claiming they clean between flights, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when flying with family members, and even solo travelers who don’t know who they will be sitting next to on the flight. 

Travel Bento Box Ideas

Pack Your Own Snacks

As more and more airlines cut food, or just throw a stale bag of pretzels at you, it’s a good idea to pack your own airplane snacks for the flight. We love a good bento box in our house, as well as dried fruit, one special treat per kid and snack crackers. 

By packing your own meal for the flight, you can also manage how many people are touching your food before it gets to you. You won’t have to wipe down every container quite as much as you would if it had been handled by multiple airline employees.

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Travel Safety Tips

Don’t carry large amounts of cash

Once you are on the ground, you will want to make sure you and your family aren’t a target for crime. Since credit cards are accepted almost anywhere, and ATM machines are easily accessible to access local currency via your debit card, there is no reason to carry large amounts of money. 

Unless you are going to a country that only takes cash, doesn’t except VISA and/or you have to exchange money there, then you should be all set. 

Check in with the State Department

Countries go on and off the State Department warning list all of the time. Some areas pose more of a threat than others.

 It’s easy enough to look up the location you will be to see if there are hot sections popping up that you will want to avoid.

Travel Safety Tips

Keep Your Plans off Social Media

Yes, we all want to tell the world that we are in the most amazing place on earth. However, this makes you a really easy target to find when your travel plans are out there for all to see. 

It’s a good idea to delay your posting until you are back home, or post a few days after the photo was taken. Never tell anyone what dates you are traveling OR which hotel you will be checking into once you arrive at your destination. All of those details can be shared later, or over the phone with friends. 

Just keep it off of social media; you never know who is watching your feed. 

Travel Safety Tips

Make sure your kids know what to do if they get lost

By three years old I had my sons learning my phone number. We also went over our plan if they got separated from us. 

First things first- make sure they stay put, so you can find them more quickly and not run in circles looking for each other. We would talk about our plan everytime we got on an elevator. I didn’t want my kids freaking out when I wasn’t there to help them out. 

If your children need immediate help, I told my boys to find a “mommy,” which to them was basically any woman. I read an article once that women are more likely to stop everything when a child asks for help. 

This is NOT to say a man or “daddy” wouldn’t help, but it’s just easier to say find a “mommy.” 

I also told them to find a police officer, because most toddlers know what a policeman and fireman look like and will feel safe with them until I can be found.

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Travel Safety Tips

Don’t Leave Kids in the Hotel Alone

Young children should never be left inside of a hotel room alone. If they aren’t old enough to babysit, they aren’t old enough to be left alone in a strange hotel room without you. 

There have been more than enough news stories about child abductions out of hotel rooms when the parents snuck off for dinner. Don’t be that family.

sleep walking child

Watch Out for Sleepwalkers

Even if you are in the room, sometimes you just can’t stop your kids from walking out the door. My oldest once went on a stroll at night, unlocking and walking out of our hotel room and onto an elevator with none of us realizing. 

He woke up on the elevator, and thankfully, a whole lot of parents and grandparents were in town for a conference and they made sure I was contacted. My son was able to tell the hotel staff my name and phone number (told you that would come in handy!) so that I could be contacted. 

Up until then, we didn’t know he was a sleepwalker. It was a terrifying and humbling experience. 

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Thankfully, there are travel locks you can buy for your hotel door that make a loud sound to alert you to someone walking out (or in). A cheap rubber door stop also does the trick. 

Travel Safety Tips

What safety precautions do you take when you travel? Tell me in the comments! 

This post is part of a paid partnership with Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic . As always, my opinions are my own, when they aren’t you will be the first to know. 

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