Traveling with Baby: 5 Tricks to Taking a Family Helicopter Tour

You might be surprised to learn that you can take an infant and a toddler on a helicopter sightseeing tour; I know I was. But is it really that shocking when kids can fly in airplanes?

Aviation law still applies, and yes, you don’t have to pay for a lap child. You can’t fly in a doorless helicopter, but you can fly in one that is enclosed with all the necessary seatbelts and other gear.

Of course you will still want to check with your intended tour company before you book your trip, but with any luck you and your little ones will be airborne exploring via the sky above in no time. There are just a few tricks you need to know before you take off.

  1. Ask for noise canceling headphones for the baby or bring your own. Helicopters are loud. Adults should be given a headset, but a babies, especially one held in your lap, can be forgotten. Baby’s tender ears should be protected. It will also give him or her something to poke at and grab while in flight.
  2. Bring more than one pacifier. If your baby takes a pacifier, always have a spare or two very handy in case one is lost. Halfway through our first helicopter ride with both kids baby Ty lost his pacifier. Up until that point he was doing quietly enjoying the ride. After the pacifier was lost things went downhill. You can’t exactly stand up in a helicopter to look for the missing pacifier.
  3. Pack a small snack and fizzy beverage. No matter how smooth the tour company you travel with claims their flights are you may still get a little queasy. Pack a bottle or sippy cup of water for the baby, but don’t forget yourself and older children. Bringing a few crackers for you and older children, along with a soda or fizzy water, can help those tender stomachs get focused back on the baby and enjoying your ride.
  4. Wear dark colors. The last thing you want to have while on a helicopter ride around a tropical island is glare off the window. Wearing dark clothing helps minimize the reflection so your photos can come out as if no glass is in the way.
  5. Give the toddler a camera. Your toddler may love a ride aboard a helicopter, but even the most amazing trip can get a little long. When your child’s interest in waterfalls and canyons starts to wane, hand your little one a camera to capture the rest of the trip. Keeping a toddler’s mind engaged is always the key to a successful outing you all can enjoy.

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14 thoughts on “Traveling with Baby: 5 Tricks to Taking a Family Helicopter Tour”

  1. Charu

    I had no idea as well, but my husband who is a flight instructor wants to take Erika flying. SO adorabs!

    1. © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      Do it Charu! She will LOVE it, especially when she is a little older.

  2. Lesley Peterson

    Adorable post! I love helicopters (and babies) and the tips are useful even for those who aren’t taking a baby onboard. I’d never thought of the dark clothing before but it makes perfect sense. And of course every baby should have a camera! a good, REAL drop- n water-resistant one. The toy cameras I’ve seen have had a screen so small, the kids couldn’t see anything and weren’t interested.

    1. © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      Leslie I could not agree more about the camera. My son has a Fisher Price camera that is more like a slide show. That was his first. By 2 years old he had stolen my point and shoot. He has now claimed it as his own and I bought myself a new one 😉 For the flight he got to use my iPhone in a LifeProof case. Very toddler friendly!

  3. Lisa Wood

    sure looks like fun! Mind you when I was younger and we took my late Grandma out for her birthday in a plane (a small site seeing one) I went so green (they were doing big loops!) that they had to land quickly!
    Wonder if you feel the same effects in a Helicopter?
    I like the safety measures that they have in place for little ones, be good if they had the same in planes when flying with small children!

  4. Nicola Brown

    This is great!! What age would you suggest you could do this from? We are heading to NZ and wondering if we might do it. Although our baby will be just under 6 months – do you reckon a little young? I am so keen and so is my husband but not sure!!

    1. © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      Hi Nicola, I would check with the helicopter tour company to see if they put an age restriction on their passengers. IN theory if your baby can fly in an airplane than they can fly in a helicopter though. My baby was 8 months old. He did great until we lost that pacifier. I would definitely give it a go, but have those noise reducing headphones for the baby. Protect those little ears!

  5. Bethaney - Flashpacker Family

    Great idea! I wouldn’t have thought you could take a helicopter ride with kids. Glad I now know you can as I have a “copter” obsessed child!

  6. Jack Palmer

    I too was surprised when I read, “…that you can take an infant and a toddler on a helicopter sight seeing tour.” I personally think that would be amazing. Sometimes my wife and I feel we can’t do much because of our little boy, but there is plenty to do! I think for our next vacation we will try to find a place we can take a ride and see the sights. Thanks for your help!

    1. Keryn Means

      Yes! Definitely do it. We loved all of the rides we took with our boys over the years. It was easier than a boat that’s for sure.

  7. Scott Adams

    I’m glad that you suggested bringing extra pacifiers, in case one gets lost. My wife has been wanting to go on a helicopter tour, but I’ve been too afraid out son will freak out. I can see how it would be good to use pacifiers, because they do calm him down in the car. I think it might be worth a try!

    1. Keryn Means

      Totally worth a try! Just remember those noise cancelling headphones too. Those are a big lifesaver as well.

  8. Carolien Samson

    I like that you suggested having a headset for your baby to make sure that their tender ears are going to be protected while you’re on a helicopter tour. This is something that I will make sure to remember because I want to learn how to fly a helicopter so I can travel with my kids soon. What I want is for them to enjoy our flying tours without fearing the noises that may make them feel too anxious. My goal is to find a flying school first to learn, and I will consider all your tips once I’m ready.

  9. Taylor Hansen

    I like how you mentioned bringing an extra pacifier just in case. My wife and I want to do a helicopter ride in Los Angeles so we can see the Hollywood sign, however, I’m worried about our baby crying while riding. I’ll remember these tips and make sure we’re prepared to calm him down during the tour.

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