What To Pack When Flying With A Baby Ages 0- 15 months

Flying with a baby can be an adventure, never mind the actual trip you’re taking. In my experience as a mother and flying with my two children at various ages, preparation is key. Once you board that plane, it’s almost impossible to find a spare diaper, pacifier, or an extra onesie. Your packing list could vary slightly based on the specific needs of your child, but we’ve got the basics covered from ages 0-15 months. The unexpected will happen, so throw in a few extra items and hope for the best!

What To Pack When Flying With A Baby Ages 0- 15 months

What To Pack When Flying With A Baby

Note: These packing lists build upon one another, therefore the first list is the most basic and comprehensive for what to pack when flying with a baby. 

Age: 0-3 months

  • Milk (bottles/formula or breastfeeding accessories)
  • Snacks for mom (think “protein” in case of layover/delay/flight disruption)
  • Water bottle
  • Soft teethers and/or “lovie” for baby
  • Pacifier
  • Extra clothes for baby, plus several onesies
  • Extra shirt for mom
  • Large shawl/scarf to use as blanket, breastfeeding privacy panel, etc for Mom
  • Muslin blanket for baby
  • Diapers (1 diaper per hour of flight, plus 1 diaper per hour at the airport – ie 2 hour flight = 6 diapers: 2 pre-flight, 2 inflight, 2 post flight)
  • Footed clothing or warm socks
  • Wipes (I use these just about everything, including cleaning down our seats)
  • Hand sanitizer

Age: 3-6 months 

In addition to the list above…

  • Food and snacks for baby (pureed pouches are super convenient)
  • Teething toys and board books
  • Baby carrier for airports and flight (check with airline about when usage is permitted)
  • Drool bibs

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Age: 6-9 months

In addition to the list above…

Your baby is likely much more aware of the world (yay) and may be interested in small items to focus on, include:

  • Several small toys
  • Additional books
  • Fillings snacks (these can double as entertainment)

Age: 9-12 months

In addition to the list above…

  • If you have a walker on your hands, pack comfy/sturdy shoes
  • Toys that are slightly more complex/multi-purposeful
  • Books with pop-ups/bright colors/more pictures
  • Pack full meals/snacks/drinks

What To Pack When Flying With A Baby Ages 0- 15 months

Age: 12-15 months

In addition to the list above…

This is when the entertainment becomes a bigger factor. You could have a fidgety “I-want-to-run” all over the plane aged baby at this point, pack accordingly.

  • Pack a small collections of toys: 3 or 4 matchbox cars in one bag, a handful of figurines in another bag, etc.
  • Coloring materials (an “Etch a Sketch” is also great for this age and mess free)
  • Small stackable/buildable toys

Age: 15 + months

By 15 months, baby is walking, and is progressively more observant and interactive with each subsequent month. This means that the plane itself can be the most interesting experience no matter what the view is out the window! Wear comfortable walking shoes and get ready for investigative wanders.

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