Destination: Hong KongHong Kong

Know Before You Go

  • Temperature: November can be quite pleasant. T-shirts and jeans kind of weather. By May you will be sweating it out with the locals and need to dress accordingly. Do not forget to wear sunscreen if you will be outside at all.
  • Money: ATMs are plentiful and dish out the Hong Kong dollar. If you will be taking any transportation from the airport pick up some cash right after you land. The exchange rate is pretty good, but check before you leave. Bring a little USA cash in case of emergencies and be sure to have a credit card on hand for hotels. If you plan on doing any street market shopping and eating have cash ready to hand over. Many street vendors will not take your card.


  • Sunscreen is a must
  • Bug spray in case the bugs are biting
  • Umbrella for those tropical rains that hit often
  • Light sweater or sweatshirt to survive all of the indoor a/c


  • Taxis are plentiful. It will cost you about $40 to ride from the airport to Kowloon. The Airport Express is cheaper, but if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of hauling bags everywhere, treat yourself to a cab. Just be sure to have the address of where you are staying close at hand. Print it our in clear, large writing. If you can have it translated into Chinese it is all the better.
  • The Subway is a great means of transportation when trying to get around the city cheaply.
  • Ferries are a fun way to travel with kids. They are not too expensive and give some great views of the surrounding areas. If you are headed to Macau, it is the only way to go.






Side Trip to Macau

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