Best Kindle Fire Games

AGES 1 to 5

Need to entertain your little one? These educational games have you covered.

Before you get an app for a toddler

Are you ready for tech?

Can your child wear headphones?

Do you want educational apps?

How will you control what he/she sees?

Edu cate Your self


Look for apps that allow you to control what your child can access.  NO IN-APP PURCHASES!


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Pick the Best Game For Kids

Let's Download!

Pick fun games that your kids will love, but will challenge them too.  Don't let them get too frustrated though. 

What Kids Love

Stick to Your ABCs

What to look for?

Babies and toddlers are surrounded by the ABCs. Grab an app that reinforces what your toddlers is  already learning. 

ABC Games

Don't Forget About Puzzles

What else to try?

We LOVE puzzle games for kids. Find ones that are challenging, but the kids can still use their little fingers to manipulate.

Puzzle Games