Easy And Affordable DIY Eyeball Halloween Wreath

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If you have a glue gun and a Dollar Tree store close by, you can make this easy and affordable eyeball Halloween wreath before bed tonight!

My kids LOVE to decorate no matter the holiday, but they especially love Halloween. I attempted to make the wreath with their help while cooking dinner (ages 7 and 4), but I don’t recommend that exact approach. I know it’s tempting to multitask, but when glue guns are involved I realized it’s best to slow down a bit.

DIY Eyeball Halloween Wreath
DIY Eyeball Halloween Wreath

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Halloween Wreath Supplies

I found these particular supplies at the Dollar Tree, but you can also order them online via Amazon and other craft suppliers. This Halloween wreath is a total steal if you can find everything at the Dollar Tree (approximate cost $14).

Now, Get to Gluing!

Go ahead and preheat the ovenI mean plug in the glue gun (mom brain!).

  1. Cut a couple feet of ribbon at a time. Wrap the end of the ribbon around the outside edge of the metal wreath and glue it to itself. Then weave the ribbon in and out and up and down the metal wire. Keep sliding the ribbon down. The tighter the better. Go all the way around the wreath with the ribbon. Be sure to glue each piece at both ends.
    • If your wreath is tube shaped without wiring, then just wrap it with the ribbon.
    • Glue as you go here and there so that everything stays in place.
  2. Start gluing the eyeballs around the wreath. Put a good amount of glue on each eyeball since the surface won’t be flat. Reach around and press from behind to make sure the glue is touching a piece of ribbon as it dries. Do not glue any eyeballs at the (center) bottom. Leave space for the bow to be able to lie flat.
  3. When you’re done with the eyeballs, attach that flashy bow. The one I used came with a twist-tie back, which made it easy to attach.
  4. Stick the ends of the branches through a piece of ribbon on the back side of the wreath.
  5. Lastly, I cut another piece of ribbon to make a hanging loop and tied it at the top of the wreath.

There are plenty of options for other things you can add like plastic bats, spiders or different color bows. If you can glue it, you can add it to this wreath!

Our Halloween wreath came out much better than I expected, in fact I’m still surprised by how pretty it is! Who would have thought eyeballs could be pretty! As a final step, we’re going to change out our porch light with a black light bulb so the eyeballs glow. I know, I think I’m more excited than the kids!

Have fun making your wreath and send us photos of your creations to share on our Facebook page.

Happy Halloween!

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