Good Family Eats Near The Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Art Museum area of Philadelphia is teaming with tourist trap restaurants. It’s expensive and not always the best you could get in the city. I’ve also never had great museum food. I’m can not speak to how high-end restaurants in museums taste, they are usually out of my price range. I’m just not a fan of cafeteria food. It’s pricey and tastes packaged. So, I’ve pulled together a list of great places to eat near the Philadelphia Museum of Art with kids, or even without them in tow.

The cozy little neighborhood of Fairmont in Philadelphia is just a short walk off of the main drag. It is just bursting with delicious places to eat. I’ve tasted a few, but I pulled in the experts (my sister and a friend who works at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA)) to share their favorite spots.

  • Mugshots is your first stop in the morning for quick coffee, bagels and smoothies. 2100 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130 tel: (267) 514.7145
  • Sabrina’s Cafe hosts an amazing brunch, known for their huge stuffed Challah French Toast. 804 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130 tel: (215) 636-9061.
  • Bishops Collar is the place for lunch and great pub food (all under $10!) 2349 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19130 tel: (215) 765-1616
  • Rembrandt’s can satisfy your craving for a specialty burger. Grab a Yards beer (locally brewed in Philly) to go with it. 741 N. 23rd Street, Philadelphia,  PA 19130 tel: (215) 763-2228
  • Brigids is for beer connoisseurs. They have an excellent brew list and tasty dinner menu. 726 N. 24th St. Philadelphia, PA 19130 tel: (215) 232-3232
  • Water Works Restaurant and Lounge let’syou get gussied up and enjoy a meal overlooking the river. Expensive, but a great date or spot to celebrate with the family. Reservations are recommended. 640 Water Works Drive , Philadelphia, PA 19130 tel: (215) 236.9000
Take a walk along the New Cliffside paths to build up an appetite

I was lucky enough to grab a taste of the delicious chicken salad sandwich at Rybread (2319 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130 (215) 769-0603) while I was in Philadelphia during an summer visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rybread is a tiny sandwich shop with a variety of choices all at about $7 each. Sandwiches and paninis are named after different cities around the country. For salad lovers, you also have some great choices. Sadly I didn’t have enough room for some of their decadent looking homemade cupcakes, but I’ve read some rave reviews. Seating was limited to 4 tables inside, but there were plenty of seats out front and on a covered patio in back. It you visit Philadelphia when it is not below zero or over 95 degrees, the back is a great seating options for kids. It corrals them in from the street but still allows them room to walk around.

Enjoy the tasty offerings at a local neighborhood sandwich shop

My favorite part about this little sandwich shop, besides the food, was the staff. My son was having a melt down. It was hot and we were dangerously close to naptime. They had no milk on the menu. I saw they had an espresso machine, so I asked if they had any milk for kids. They certainly did. What kind did I want? For about $2 my son stayed happy with a huge glass of ice-cold whole milk while my friend and I enjoyed catching up. If you don’t have time to stop and eat, or want to plow through museums during lunch, Rybread can pack up some lunchtime sandwiches as soon as they open in the morning.

This is just one example of the tasty and easy finds to be had in the restaurants around the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Plenty of locals live in Fairmont, meaning you won’t get generic food, but fabulous fair just waiting to be explored after your energy levels plummet from a trip to the museums in the area. Just remember to save room for dessert.

What are your favorite restaurants near the Philadelphia Museum of Art? 

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