Holiday Packing Tips So Good You Will Wonder Why You Didn’t Think of Them First

The holidays are here. There is no getting around it. If you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holiday that takes place in December, you are in the thick of it. Those who are traveling may already be stressed about holiday packing, which is why we are sharing a few of our top holiday packing tips with you right now. Because really, couldn’t we all use a little sanity this season?

Holiday Packing Tip #1: Ship Holiday Gifts

The number one thing to remember is that you can always ship your gifts. This may be my top holiday packing tip of all time. I like to send all of my online purchases directly to the destination we will be going. Pick up wrapping paper when you arrive. When you wrap after your arrival you don’t have to worry about gift wrap ripping in transit from your house to wherever you are headed. This tip is essential for anyone driving, flying or taking the train. Just send it straight to your holiday location and you will have less to pack and stress over.

Holiday Packing Tip #2 :Check a bag

Now is not the time to skimp out on the checked bag. For $25 (on most airlines) you can bring any holiday gifts you didn’t ship to Grandma’s or wherever you are headed. When you and your kids are loaded down with gifts after Christmas, you simply pack your bags back up. Check your bag at the airport and you are on your way. Trust me, shipping gifts home via UPS or Fed Ex is expensive and can take the joy out of Christmas.

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Holiday Packing Tip #3: Grab a box

If you get more gifts than you can fit in your suitcase, don’t worry. Just grab a paper box or other medium size box. Fill it to bursting, tape the box up really well, and check the box on the plane. If your kids didn’t check a bag you don’t have to worry about a second bag fee. If your kids did check a bag, try to consolidate so you aren’t paying a second bag fee, which can be pricy on planes. When booking your flights, if you know you will have to haul a lot back and forth, think about booking your flight on Southwest or another airline that allows you to check your first two bags for free.

Holiday Packing Tip #4: Pack half of what you need

Chances are your travels are going to take you to see family. Even if you are staying in a hotel, you can still do laundry at your mom’s, sister’s, brother’s, aunt’s, whomever is hosting. Give your family a heads up that you will need to do wash. This way you only have to pack a few outfits. Now you have room for that fabulous Christmas sweater you have had your eye on all month.

Holiday Packing Tip #5: Stop stressing the small stuff

The holidays are stressful enough. Stop worrying about the little things. If the wrapping isn’t perfect or the cookies are burnt, the world will not stop turning. Your kids will still have a blast. Grandparents will be happy just to see you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this time with your family and friends. It will be January before you know it.

What are your best holiday packing tips? Tell us in the comments!


Holiday Packing Tips

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