5 Gettysburg Restaurants Not to Miss on Your Civil War Journey

Touring battlefields is all well and good when you visit Gettysburg, but you still have to figure out where to eat in Gettysburg PA while you are there. What many people don’t realize is that Gettysburg, PA has a thriving food scene that just gets better every year. Food 101 is the latest to hop into town and open a farm to table dining experience that the locals are just eating up, but a few Gettysburg restaurants have been there a while and can’t be missed.

Gettysburg Baking Company

Savor Gettysburg Food Tours

Food tours are the fastest way to get a taste of a new city. Lori Korczyk, who weaves bits of history and storytelling into her walk around town as you sample the local bites, runs the Savor Gettysburg Food Tours. This isn’t really a great tour for little kids, but older children who like to eat will enjoy it. Favorite stops include dessert at Cafe St. Amand (known for its great crepes), cider and wine tasting at Hauser Winery’s tasting room and Mr. G’s Ice Cream (try the caramel with big caramel balls in it).

Gettysburg Baking Company

Gettysburg Baking Company

Fresh baked bread, seasonal soups (chilled cucumber is a favorite!), pastries and good coffee are what you can expect from the Gettysburg Baking Company. Get there early if you have your eye on a particular loaf of bread or baguette as they could sell out by the end of the day. This shop is easy to find as it is located on Lincoln Square.

The Inn at Herr's Ridge

The Inn at Herr Ridge

Even if you wanted to you can’t escape history in Gettysburg, especially if you want to eat well in the Gettysburg restaurant scene. The Inn at Herr Ridge is located directly across the street from one of the battlefields. The Inn was built in 1815 and used as a confederate hospital during the Civil War.

Try not to think about the limbs they used to hack off and throw out the window while you indulge your taste buds as Chef brings you through locally sourced culinary delights. Their wine cellar was listed as 68th in the world by Wine Spectator magazine and they try to source everything they create from within a 100-mile radius of the restaurant.

One Lincoln at Gettysburg Hotel

One Lincoln at the Gettysburg Hotel

The Gettysburg Hotel is one of the best places to stay when you are exploring the area. The rooms are comfortable and the suites will easily make a family of four (possibly larger) want to snuggle up just a bit longer each morning. Their restaurant, one Lincoln, which features local favorite Crab Mac n’ Cheese, is an easy spot to stop by for a local brew or cider, plus dinner.

Hauser Winery

Hauser Winery

You probably didn’t know that Pennsylvania is one of the top wine producers in the country, but it is true. It is also a huge cider producer, which makes sense since Adams County, where Gettysburg is located, is one of the top five apple producers in the country. Although I enjoyed the Hauser white wine, it was their Jack and Helen ciders that really stuck with me. In fact, I took two cases home. I’ve since been back up to replenish my stocks multiple times.

They also have a seasonal cider called Fireside that is more like a spiced hard cider and goes perfectly with pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. The Pear and Peach ciders are scrumptious as well. You can go directly to the winery just outside of town, or do a little wine tasting in their tasting room on Lincoln Square next to the Gettysburg Baking Company.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Gettysburg, PA? 

Eating in Gettysburg PA

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3 thoughts on “5 Gettysburg Restaurants Not to Miss on Your Civil War Journey”

  1. Lindsay

    Gettysburg is my heaven on earth. As a civil war reenactor I have spent a lot of time there. One of my favorites is O’Rorkes. They serve quintessential pub food with an Irish spin. Their Guinness beef stew is delicious. It is served in a bread bowl. I would suggest the apple fritters on the side. It is like eating fried apple pie.

    They have out door dining, indoor tables and booths, and a big bar. Many nights there is live music!

  2. Marguerite

    The Garryowen is another Irish-themed restaurant, and the one I prefer to O’Rourke’s. They’ve expanded the dining area into a neighboring house and it’s still hard to get a seat–but worth the wait.

    The Cafe St Amand, sadly, has closed and may reopen in a different location to just serve crepes.

    The Ragged Edge coffee shop on Chambersburg street is a favorite when I’m walking in town with the dog–we either sit on the front porch or back in the spacious garden.

  3. LoyaltyOfDogs

    Glad you included ice cream in your review of good eats in Gettysburg. Gettysburg is a terrific town for ice cream!

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