Family Friendly Eating in Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a labyrinth of culinary wonders. Where do you start? With so much to choose from how do you narrow it down for your family? Well, really you can’t go wrong at just about any spot, but I definitely have my favorites. An eatery that gets me coming back again and again must mean something.


  • The Crumpet Shop (1503 1st Avenue) Whether you prefer a simple jam crumpet or something with a little more decadence you can’t go wrong. Protein rich egg options and oatmeal are also on the menu. My recent favorite is the walnut, honey and ricotta crumpet. A loose leaf tea to top it off creates the perfect morning meal.
  • Le Panier (1902 Pike Place) grab a tea or coffee and a butter croissant to go as you stroll through the market in the morning.
  • Lowell’s (1519 Pike Place) This sit down restaurant is a favorite for a friend with two boys. They watch the boats sail by on Puget Sounds as they enjoy their morning pancakes and omelets.
  • Daily Dozen Doughnut Company (93 Pike Street) Toss back 12 or more of these mini-donuts as you wind your way through the market stalls in search of your next treat. The cinnamon and sugar donuts are always popular, but there are a few other flavors on hand. Cash Only.


  • Three Girls Bakery (1514 Pike Place) Hands down the best chicken salad sandwich on the planet. I prefer mine on wheat with lettuce, tomatoes and a whole lot of dill pickles. Get a sandwich to go or sit down at the counter to eavesdrop on a little slice of local life.
  • Pike Place Chowder (600 Pine Street) This is the chowder that sealed the deal. Mike had one bite of the salmon chowder and he was ready to move immediately.
  • DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine (1435 1st Avenue) Pick up a Parma sandwich or slice of pizza, and a small greek salad. Do not forget to get a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. This cookie is one of the very best in the city. They do not skimp on the chips or the butter. Seating is limited so be prepared to find a piece of grass if you want to sit down.
  • La Vaca Burrito Express (1429 1st Avenue) This is a small window cut into the facade of the market, just next to Delaurenti’s. There is no seating but there are cheap burritos and tacos that come in very large portions. You can easily share one item with a friend or family member. Cash Only.
  • Mee Sum Pastries ( 1526 Pike Place) A friend swears by the pork buns and can never get enough. Grab a few on the go and keep exploring the market.
  • Mr. D’s Greek Delicacies (1518 Pike Place ) This used to be one of my regular stops when I worked downtown and I needed something delicious, pretty healthy and on the go. A gyro washed down with a homemade baklava usually did the trick. Vegetarians will delight in the falafel and other veggie options available.
  • Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (1600 Pike Place) If you love cheese than you will love this shop. There isn’t much seating, but if you can grab a spot at the tiny bar by the cheese making you might have a show to go along with your lunch. Grilled cheese, soups and what some would call “world-famous” mac ‘n cheese are all local favorites.
  • Athenian (1517 Pike Place) If you are looking for a seat with a view and a movie scene to back it up you are in the right place. Sleepless in Seattle lovers like to pop by for a bite were the film was shot. Seafood is featured heavily on the menu but you will also find burgers and salads for those not in the mood for fish.

Fancier Sit Down Lunch (but still great with kids)

  • The Pink Door (1919 Post Alley) If you need a more formal sit down lunch or dinner this is a great choice. In the summer insist on sitting on the patio for a gorgeous view of Puget Sound. Give the pesto lasagna a try even on a hot summer day. I never regret it.
  • Steelhead Dinner (95 Pine Street) A pricey choice if you have a large family, but definitely a kid friendly spot where you can mix in with businessmen taking an hour (or more) off for lunch with clients. The fish is great, the mac n’ cheese melts in your mouth.
  • Matt’s in the Market (94 Pike Street, 3rd floor) Another pricier option but they use some of the freshest ingredients around. Don’t be afraid to bring your kids here for lunch. Do call in advance for a reservation if you don’t want to be kept waiting. This is a hot spot for working locals and a great place to show off NW food to clients.

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  1. Traveling Saver

    Thanks for sharing. I visited Pike Place Market last spring but didn’t know where to eat (other than buying fresh fruit from the stands). It was overwhelming trying to choose a restaurant. I’ll keep this in mind for next time.

  2. cravesadventure

    I will be crossing Portland, Oregon off my travel bucket list soon enough and will have to place my sights on Seattle:) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lisa

    What a great list of places to eat in Pike Place – you are tempting me to visit Seattle just for the food!

  4. Mom

    This is great. I too felt overwhelmed by the Pike Place Market. And whenever I read about Seattle in a short article, this seems to be THE place to send tourists. So, a very timely piece for those of us who need a navigator! Will have to try one of these on our next visit!

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