Six Vancouver Eateries for Kids

Food plays a big part of any family holiday or day trip outing. Children can be picky eaters at any age, and finding a family-friendly dining spot to suit all tastes and appetites can be a huge challenge.

Vancouver, located on the west coast of Canada, is justly famous for its wide and affordable variety of dining options. The city’s multicultural mix has produced some of the best restaurants of their kind in North America, and most provide a welcoming atmosphere for the entire family. Here are six tried, tested and true Vancouver eateries for kids, sure to please your littlest, most pickiest foodie.

Moderne Burger

This old school diner offers some of the best burgers in the city. Moderne Burger serves up handmade steak burger patties along with malt-shop shakes and floats. The portions are large, so if your kids are young, splitting an order is a wise choice. Decor & music is vintage 1950s era. Choose a booth or bar stool to savor your made-fresh-daily Moderne Steak, chicken, salmon or veggie burger.

Neighborhood: False Creek

Nicki Antica Pizzeria

Nicki AnticaPizzeria offers some of the best wood-fired oven, thin crust Italian pizza in the city. Also serves up the best Shirley Temples in town, according to our young drink aficionados. Choose and share different pizza pies, such as the traditional Margherita, spicy Diavola, or salty Napoletana (yes to anchovies!) at this popular eatery. Gluten-free options are also available.

Neighborhood: Gastown

Earls and Cactus Club Restaurants

These two popular franchise restaurants can be found throughout Vancouver and beyond. Earls and Cactus Club Restaurants are the standard-bearers for high-quality cuisine that appeals to all ages and tastes. Curiously though, they don’t have high chairs so are not baby-friendly unless your baby still fits in her car seat. But, both restos are fabulous for the 5+ set, and in particular for tweens and teens. Chicken strips & fries, pizzas, pasta, and burgers, but also Korean Bibimbap and Cajun chicken. Always a good bet for great food.

Neighborhood: Various Locations

Guu with Garlic Izakaya

Vancouver’s Japanese food scene is mature, with some of the freshest seafood outside Tokyo’s Toyosu (formerly Tsukiji) Fish Market. Sushi and ramen are easy go to’s, but if you’d like to mix it up AND keep the wee ones fed and entertained, head to Guu with Garlic Izakaya. This kid-friendly restaurant serves up Japanese tapas-style plates meant for sharing. The atmosphere is noisy and happy, and the service is quick. Try the chicken karaage and if you’re adventurous, the octopus balls. And parents, don’t miss the tasty cocktail menu.

Neighborhood: Robson Street – Downtown

White Spot

You can’t utter the words family-friendly and not include the legendary White Spot chain. This home-grown Vancouver favorite has been one of the most kid-friendly dining spots in the city since 1928. White Spot created the ‘Pirate Paks’ kids-only meal in 1968, and the rest is history. The Pak arrives in the form of a paper pirate ship, and includes a choice of burger, chicken strips, grilled cheese and fries, plus a gold pirate coin treasure. And ice cream for dessert. Don’t worry, White Spot serves up a wide variety of adult-friendly dining options too, including Legendary Burgers, vegetarian options, homestyle Sunday dinners, and an good selection of multicultural menu items.

Neighborhood: Everywhere

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Located near Kits Beach, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company offers organic pizza and pasta dishes with a kids menu that includes raw veggie plates, gluten free options, and non-pizza faves like mac & cheese. The play area at the back of the restaurant allows kids to roam away from the table, as kids are wont to do, and staff don’t blink an eye. Kids can put on a chef’s hat to bake their own pretend pizza. Good, wholesome food in an energetic atmosphere.

Neighborhood: Kitsilano, Main Street

A note about Chinese restaurants: There are thousands of Chinese restaurants in Vancouver and its suburbs. Richmond alone has 800+. Some are dedicated to regional specialities, serving just soup, or lamb dishes, dim sum, or spicy seafood. No matter what the regional cuisine though, it’s been our experience that all Chinese restaurants are kid and family-friendly. It’s the culture. Large round tables with Lazy Susans in the middle to spin and share communal dishes in a family atmosphere. You can’t go wrong no matter where you choose to eat Chinese food in this city.

Claudia Laroye is a travel writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. An avid and curious traveler, Claudia has written about family, adventure, and luxury experiences for local and national publications since 2010. Claudia is the Contributing Editor of Twist Travel Magazine, and has written for WestJet Magazine, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, Travelzoo, Westworld, Family Fun Canada, Travel Mamas and Dreamscapes magazine. She is the founder of family travel site The Travelling Mom. You can find her on Instagram at @thetravellingmom.

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