How to eat a cupcake and not miss out on any of the delicious frosting

Recently I learned that Duff (yup, the bakery guy) stole my way of eating a cupcake. He showed off my technique of how to eat a cupcake on the first season of Kids Baking Champions on the Food Network. For over 10 years I’ve been taking the bottom off of my cupcake and popping it on top. This way you get equal frosting to cake ratios. It is also a lot less messy.

To be fair, I did learn how to eat a cupcake this way from an intern I worked with back in my magazine days. We were out scouting a location for a shoot and stopped by one of our favorite Seattle cupcake shops, Cupcake Royale. I watched my intern make a sandwich out of her cupcake. I mocked her, but then I tried it.

Brilliant! I have never gone back to the traditional way of eating a cupcake again.

The genius behind this idea is that you always have frosting in every bite. No left over morsels of cake at the end, because let’s face it– we eat cupcakes for the frosting. There’s a reason you can buy a shot of frosting at some of the more brilliant cupcake shops across the U.S.

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Once my boys started eating cupcakes, I knew I had to teach them the simple, yet exquisite art of how to eat a cupcake. My oldest son Dek was excited and insisted on helping me teach not only his brother, but all of you as well.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to eat a cupcake through step by step instructions. If you need true inspiration, make sure you watch our short video that walks you through each delicious bite of eating a cupcake.

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