Road trip safety begins with the right booster seat when traveling with kids

Several months ago one of my best friends and her son were in a horrific car accident. She was side swiped while driving on the highway in Seattle. Her car flipped. The guy that hit her never even stopped to see if she and her son were alive.

Thankfully, my friend was OK. She was banged up, with bruised ribs and a sprained wrist. The real miracle was that her son walked away without a scratch. He was safely strapped into his car seat.

As you can imagine, hearing that my best friend had just been in a car accident left me in tears. I hugged my boys, and then I looked at our own car seat situation. My youngest, who was the same age as her son, was in a good car seat. My oldest was in a bucket booster seat that didn’t even latch into our car. I’d never been comfortable with this option. It was supposed to be temporary. I just got lazy, and we never got a better booster seat. This was over two years ago.

Kiddie Cruiser 3 Booster Seat

Kiddy Cruiser 3 Booster Seat

When Kiddy contacted me to check out their new Kiddy Cruiser 3, I knew it was time for a change. Not just because I knew we needed a new booster seat for my 7-year-old son. No, it was because of this company’s 30 year history of making car seats in Germany. Germans know a thing or two about safety and driving. If I was going to finally make an upgrade, I was going all of the way.

Here are just a few of the features:

  • Adjustable:The height and width-adjustable backrest grows with the child and is fully customizable to their size. The leg rest can also be adjusted with 5 different positions.
  • Maximum side impact protection:The high-tech energy-absorbing “Honey Comb 2” material provides maximum protection to the child’s head and shoulder area.
  • Kiddy Shock Absorber:This patented technology absorbs the seat belt force and protects the child in the event of an accident or sudden braking.
  • Easy buckle up:The belt routing indicated in red eliminates the risk of misuse no matter who is buckling the child.
  • Age and weight limit: Can be used from approx. 3 years (33 lbs) up to the age of 12 (120 lbs).
Kiddie Cruiser 3 Booster Seat

My husband installed the Kiddy Cruiser 3 over three months ago. We’ve done school runs, gone on road trips, up to grandmas and around town. My oldest finds it comfortable and I now have a lot more peace of mind. The latch system means the booster isn’t sliding around. The back and added padding protection keeps my son in place.

On those long car trips that go past bedtime, my son can fall asleep. His head is propped up instead of falling over in the seat. I mean really, how do kids sleep like that?! Don’t their necks hurt? One thing to note is that the booster is slim, so a huskier child may not be as comfortable.

Great. We had the booster seat situation figured out at home, but what about those unexpected times when we were traveling with kids? We don’t always carry car seats and boosters, assuming we will just take public transit.

Mifold Grab and Go Booster


At the same time that the Kiddy Cruiser 3 was being installed into my car, the company also sent over the mifold Grab-and-Go Booster. I’ll admit that I was skeptical. I’d tried other travel booster seats and I wasn’t happy with the stability because you usually had to blow them up. Not the mifold. It was different.

This foldable booster seat is small enough to fit in your purse, a backpack and definitely in your carry-on bag. Instead of boosting your kid up, it brings the carseat belt down so it doesn’t cut into your child’s neck. No latches to install. Nothing to blow up that your kid might fall off of. This seems like a win to me when we travel.

I’ve got the mifold packed up for our next trip to Europe and for city outings. Any trip I plan on taking the train or plane can also include a car, even if I don’t think we will need to. Taxis sometimes become necessary, but carseats are a pain in these instances. Having the mifold in my travel arsenal will be a huge help.

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Want to know how it works? We made a little video to give you the skinny on what it looks like, how to install it and why it is important to ALWAYS have a booster seat when you travel.

Many thanks to Kiddy and mifold for sending me samples of their booster seats for the purposes of this review. I was not asked to give an opinion either way. As always, my opinions are my own. When they aren’t you will be the first to know. 

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