St Simons Island: Exploring the Best Things to Do in Georgia with Kids

St Simons Island, located on the southeast Georgia coast between Savannah and Jacksonville, FL., was the perfect stop for our family when we drove from Washington, D.C. to Miami. The largest of state’s notable Golden Isles, tourists are attracted to St. Simons for its beaches, cute shops, tasty restaurants, history and a few of the best things to do in Georgia with kids.

A Little History Lesson

In the 1500’s St. Simons Island was home to Spanish monks. The Spanish stuck around for nearly 200 hundred years until the English drove them out in the 1700s. At that point, St. Simons Island became part of a booming timber industry and timbers from the island’s live oaks were even used to build the Brooklyn Bridge in 1874. Today, the island thrives on tourism and is home to lots of retirees. The northern portion if the island is mainly marsh.

St simons island georgia with kids

Things to Do on St Simons Island

  • Check out Cannon’s Point Preserve, a large tract of land in the northeastern part of the island, that has been converted to a nature preserve. You can go hiking or check out historical ruins and untouched maritime forest.
  • Take a Lighthouse Trolley tour. This is a great way to physically see St. Simons Island and also learn about its history. You’re also doing all this on a hip vintage trolley so your kids will enjoy that.
  • Explore the island’s ample cultural attractions including the Fort Frederica National Monument, Bloody Marsh Battle Site, First African Baptist Church and Christ Church.

Interesting fact: Christ Church has become a popular place of worship for U.S. presidents including Calvin Coolidge, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush. In fact, former President and Mrs. Barbara Bush honeymooned in St. Simons Island and still go back as often as they can.

  • Rent bikes and go on a ride with your family. Explore the Atlantic Ocean at low tide or hop on a pathway covered by colossal live oak trees.
  • Go fishing at the St. Simons Island Pier! You can purchase a fishing license in major discount retailers, marinas, sporting good stores, bait and tackle shops, and hardware stores.
  • Relax on the beach!
St simons island georgia with kids

Where to Stay on St Simons Island

King and Prince Resort. We were only able to spent one night on St. Simons Island but fortunately, it was at the King and Prince. Our charming room not only had a view of the breathtaking ocean but also the hotel’s numerous pools. My kids were foaming at the mouth when they saw the pools. I was foaming at the mouth when I saw the immaculate beach!  We walked for miles on the sand, while the kids splashed each other and took dips when they got hot. It was the perfect way for them to get rid of pent-up energy. We even got an impromptu fireworks show after dinner. Loved this place and very family friendly.

The Beach Club at St. Simons. The Beach Club has one, two and three bedroom condos, which makes it the perfect spot for families who need a little space or larger family groups to get together and enjoy the beach while on St Simons Island.

St simons island georgia with kids

Where to Eat

  • Barbara Jean’s. Loved this yummy, family run restaurant! They immediately brought us a basket of fresh, assorted homemade breads and some sweet iced tea. They even gave us iced tea to go so we could stay hydrated throughout our exploration of the island.
  • Echo At the King and Prince Beach Resort. We had an amazing breakfast here. Fluffiest buttermilk pancakes I’ve ever had! They also have a fun kid’s dessert called the Shipwreck.
  • Del Sur Artisan Eats. Yummy Argentine food if you want to take a break from seafood.
  • Sal’s Pizzeria. Good pizza and Sal is always around to tell a great story.
  • Southern Soul Barbeque. For a completely amazing and decadent BBQ head to this restaurant. We loved it so much we went back and ate it in the car on our way out. Addictive!

Many people call St. Simons Island home. It really feels like a town first, vacation spot second. It has several neighborhoods, a quaint downtown, schools and beautiful playgrounds. The people are lovely and will truly make you feel welcome. Discover the pristine splendor of St. Simons Island Georgia with kids and its tranquil beach lifestyle that makes it so unique for families.

St simons island georgia with kids

Many thanks to the King and Prince for hosting me and my family for one night and providing an image for the purpose of review. As always my opinions are my own; when they aren’t you will be the first to know. 

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