Plaid Scarves that will Perk Up Your Travel Style this Season

I’m a sucker for scarves. I must own a million of them. Every time I see a scarf hanging perfectly in a store I find myself wandering in to dreamily run my fingers across it, salivating over the texture, trying to resist, but still convincing myself that no, I don’t already have one that is similar. Plaid scarves are no different and are an essential addition to your autumn travel style.

Scarves are an easy and inexpensive way to change up the look of an outfit or add a splash of color to a basic outfit. Scarves also help you stay warm in the fall as an essential layering piece when it starts to get chilly. So yes ladies, scarves are not just a want but a necessity!  A plaid scarf is definitely a must have for your fall getaways and weekends spent at the farmer’s market or walking among the colorful leaves. Plaid scarves also make for stylish Instagram photos too!

So now it’s just a matter of choosing which plaid scarf needs to be added to your collection, because these are totally different then that one you have at home. Color combos generally fall into your blue and red plaid scarves, or your yellow and orange plaid scarves. No matter which direction you go (and you can do both!), you are sure to stay warm and look fabulous this fall season. So start saying “Yes!” to scarves, and stop making excuses as to why you don’t need just one more.

10 Best Plaid Scarves For Fall Travel Style


Cool Blue & Red Plaid Scarves

1. Madwell Plaid Scarf $59

2. Steve Madden Blue/Red Plaid Scarf $44

3. Roxy Heaven of Curiosity Scarf $42

4. Bindya In The Clouds Scarf $50

5. J Crew Red, White, Blue Woven Scarf $55


Warm Yellow & Orange Plaid Scarves

6. Autumn Plaid Scarf $29

7. Oversized Yellow Plaid Scarf $38

8. Steve Madden Yellow/Aqua Plaid Scarf $44

9. Cream & Brown Plaid Scarf $38

10. Yellow & Burgundy Plaid Scarf $38

What is your scarf travel style, cool blue or warm orange?


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