Best Time to Visit Bermuda and How to Get There from Washington DC

Many people assume Bermuda is part of the Caribbean Islands, but come to realize that isn’t actually the case. Bermuda is in fact located east of North Carolina.

Fun fact number two, the island is also not part of the United States. Bermuda is a British Island Territory. Fly into the L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA) in Bermuda and you will be greeted by a painting of the queen.

How to Get to Bermuda from Washington DC

Best Time to Visit Bermuda

While Washington, DC seems so close to this independent island nation, figuring out how to get to Bermuda from Washington, DC can be painful in the off-season. Residents can get nonstop flights in the summer months, but outside of a tiny window, have to bounce around the east coast to get to Bermuda. This inconvenience turns what should be a quick trip, into a long day of travel.

Worth it? You bet. But you better know your options when you plan to travel to Bermuda.

How to Get to Bermuda from Washington DC

By Air

ONE airline has a nonstop flight. Sometimes. Seasonally. American Airlines runs nonstop service to Bermuda in June and July. The rest of the year DC residents will have to hop on a connecting flight.

Washington, DC just doesn’t necessitate enough direct flights to the Caribbean throughout the year. Yet.

Normally, the trip to Bermuda from Washington, DC is under two hours. Bermuda is pretty much a direct shot east of North Carolina and DC is just north of there.

How to Get to Bermuda from Washington DC

When you have to connect through Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta or New York to get to Bermuda, your easy 2-hour flight turns into a five to eight hour travel day. Sadly, this is the same with most Caribbean flights.

We just can’t seem to get to a sunny beach easily. Doesn’t anyone need Vitamin D in the nation’s capital? Maybe we would all be a lot less stressed politically if we went on island time a bit more. Just a thought.

BEST WAY TO GET TO BERMUDA: Not sure how to get to Bermuda, especially if you live in Washington DC. We are breaking down all of your options to travel to Bermuda when you are trying to plan your Bermuda trip #bermuda #Bermudatrip #bermudavacation

By Sea

Thankfully, there are plenty of cruise options to Bermuda out of Baltimore. Most cruises are five days and include a two day stop on the island. Bermuda will be your only port of call. There is nothing else out there. Take advantage of your time in port to really explore. Get to St. George, Hamilton, Horseshoe Bay and Warwick Long Bay.

Residents of Baltimore, Washington, DC and even Philadelphia can hop on Royal Caribbean or Carnival Cruises departing from Baltimore.

Fairmont Southampton Bermuda

A full list of cruises that head to Bermuda from other ports include,

  • Azamara Club Cruises.
  • Carnival Cruise
  • Celebrity Cruises.
  • Disney Cruise Lines (departing New York)
  • Norwegian Cruise
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises.
  • Royal Caribbean International.

How to Get to Bermuda from Washington DC

Getting to Bermuda by Car or Train

Bermuda is an island. If you have researched how to get to Bermuda by car or train, you are out of luck. There is no bridge or tunnel to get you there.

Unless you plan on putting your vehicle on a cargo ship, you will have to rent a car in Bermuda. Better yet, once you arrive, just sit on the beach and enjoy island life. Scooters are available to rent across the island, but unless you are comfortable driving on the left, you might want to leave that to the locals.

How to Get to Bermuda from Washington DC

Best Way to Get to Bermuda from Washington DC

If you are traveling to Bermuda from Washington DC, and it isn’t June or July, you can still cut down on travel time by picking the best flight path. DC residents can drive two hours up to Philadelphia to take a direct flight to Bermuda. Yes, you will have to drive, but if you think about all of that time in the air and making connections down in Miami or up in New York, you will actually save time going this route.

Look up your best route to Bermuda


If the drive to Philly isn’t an option, connecting through JFK makes the most sense. It is the shortest amount of time in the air and only diverts your flight path a tiny bit. Going all the way down to Miami from DC and back up to Bermuda is a long day. If you are traveling to Bermuda with kids, you will want to book the shortest flight possible.

Bermuda Destination Guide

Bermuda Hotels

  • Newstead Belmont Hills Hotel: This gorgeous 4-star hotel comes with free Wi-Fi, onsite pool, and guest bicycle rentals.
  • Rosewood Bermuda: Guests will be pampered with a private beach, onsite childcare, free parking, and bicycle rentals. Treat yourself!
  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort and Spa: This full service resort features children activities, a spa, dive shop, and so much more.

Looking for more? Search for the best hotels in Bermuda on!

Bermuda Airbnbs

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