Father Daughter date ideas that fit every little girl in your life

Father-daughter dates are becoming increasingly popular, and I for one, feel this new trend is just precious! Why not celebrate the unconditional love between a father and his daughter by spending some one-on-one time and taking a break from the daily grind? With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I couldn’t help but correlate the once a year, pink-and-white-and-red-all-over holiday with daddy-daughter dates. No matter what type of little girl you have at home, there’s a style and theme for a father-daughter date that will fit her to a tee.

Father Daughter Date Ideas

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For the Princess

My daughter fell into this category when she was a tiny tot. I was hard-pressed to get her to leave the house without a tiara or Disney princess costume on. Here’s some fun father daughter date ideas– princess-style.

  • A princess would not be complete without her prince. Make a dinner reservation at her favorite restaurant, get all dressed up, and have a dinner date complete with flowers, candy, and sparkling juice.
  • On a budget? Have a “house date.” Dress up yourselves and the dining room table with a the fancy dishes and ask Mom to join in on the fun by serving dinner! Make a cake or cupcakes with a princess theme and spend the night twirling and dancing to Disney princess tunes.
father daughter date ideas
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For the Sporty Girl

Has your daughter outgrown her inner princess and traded her wand for a soccer ball? You can still have a blast together with a sport’s theme!

  • Take your sporty girl on a date to a local hockey or basketball game. Combine it with a trip to a sports-themed restaurant like Medieval Times or Quaker Steak and Lube and you’re golden.
  • Budget option: Stay in and watch a game on television. Pop some popcorn, wear your favorite team’s jersey, and have a ball yelling at the T.V.
father daughter date ideas
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Drama Queen Date Night

Does your little girl love the theater? Creating a daddy-daughter date with a drama-inspired theme is a snap.

  • Purchase tickets for a movie, play, or show. Want to splurge on dinner? Check for  age-appropriate dinner theater tickets. The best of both worlds!
  • Budget idea: Rent a couple of DVDs, order your favorite takeout, and settle in for the night. Bonus points for Dad if the DVDs are musicals and he sings along with the movie!
father daughter date ideas
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The Great Outdoors

Does your baby girl love exploring the great outdoors? If you’re lucky to live in a warmer climate or stuck inside thanks to a cold climate, a date with an outdoor theme is budget-friendly and fun.

  • Plan a hike at the local park. Bring a picnic basket filled with her favorites and enjoy the majestic scenery. Bonus points for bringing a pair of binoculars to look at the local wildlife. If snow is in the forecast, head up to your favorite mountain for a little father-daughter skiing, while you leave the rest of the family at home,
  • Indoor option: create a carpet picnic and watch outdoor-themed shows on the tele. Don’t discount blanket tents and forts for added ambiance — they create instant magic!

Has your daughter ever been on a father-daughter date? Share with us the details!
father daughter date ideas

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1 thought on “Father Daughter date ideas that fit every little girl in your life”

  1. Steve Oliver

    Great post! So many great ideas for daddy-daughter time. I like how you grouped them by interest.

    My daughter is an adult now, but she’s never too old for a daddy-daughter date night. Nowadays when she’s home from college, we go out to a nice dinner. Sometimes it’s to an old favorite place, or sometimes we try something new.

    And remember, you don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day for a daddy-daughter date. Any day is a great day for a dad to spend time with his little girl.


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