Salish Lodge and Spa (Part 1) — Autumn rejuvenation

Mothers don’t know when to call it quits. It’s not in our nature. From the moment we get pregnant we are supposed to love and protect our baby. With each new child our love grows. Unfortunately, so do our exhaustion levels.  Sometimes you just have to call it a day, pack your bags and run away from home, preferably to somewhere fabulous like Salish Lodge and Spa.

A trip to Salish Lodge and Spa was just the thing I needed to recharge my batteries and disconnect from my life for 24 hours. My friend Gen was in need of a break as well. We jumped in the car, ready to forget for a few blissful hours, that we had kids (OK, not really. We did miss them… a little) and soaked up the serenity and delicious bliss that comes with a stay at the lodge.

From the moment we walked into Salish Lodge and Spa, we knew we had entered a place with moms in mind. Oh sure, there were newlyweds, retired couples, a few parents with babies and some other girlfriends sneaking away for the weekend, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the lodge staff had met more than one mom looking for a little stress relief. We would take our parental detox one step at a time; by the end we would be fully relaxed and ready to face a new week with our kids.

Salish Lodge and Spa

Step 1: Wine

As we checked in, we were each offered a glass of the lodge’s house wine. The property owners also own a hotel in Portugal with a winery attached to it. The Teixeiro Vinho Verde wine was crisp and refreshing to start our evening of mom detox. Here we met the Director of Rooms, Melanie Silver. She and the general manager are out every Friday night greeting guests, getting to know them and welcoming them with a bit of wine. I have been to very few hotels where the upper management cares enough to get out on the floor and mingle with guests. This was just a sign of things to come from the personal service we could expect at Salish.

Salish Lodge and Spa
The Spa pools at Salish Lodge and Spa

Step 2: The Spa

Our first stop after check in was The Spa. I enjoyed a luxurious (and scrumptious smelling) Iced Apple body treatment and Gen hopped into the DermaLife Spa-Jet, a futuristic pod that soothes all of the those rattled nerves. We were on our way to the next step of relaxation.

Salish Lodge and Spa
Dining at The Attic: (from top left) Shaved Prosciutto, Smoked Parmesan, Pepperoni Pizza and Pork Ribs
Salish Lodge and Spa
Chocolate pot de creme or the Salish honey strawberry parfait? You decide… or just get both!

Step 3: Sweet and Savory

After being scrubbed, bubbled and moisturized, the next logical step was to enjoy more wine and a few small plates upstairs at The Attic restaurant. The smoked pork ribs sizzled in our mouths with just the right amount of tang and sweet, while the Salish Honey Strawberry Parfait was so good I almost didn’t share. Gen was OK with that as she was trying to figure out how to take a bath in her Chocolate Pot de Crème.

Salish Lodge and Spa
Two large jacuzzi tubs in our suite at Salish Lodge and Spa


Step 4: Unwind and Sleep

Bodies relaxed and bellies full, our last step of the evening was to take a bath in the massive Jacuzzi tubs in our room (we had two) and warm up by the fire before sliding into our comfy bed for nine hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Ah sleep. The one thing every mother (and father) craves, especially in the early years of her child’s life. I can’t remember the last time I got nine hours of sleep without any little voices interrupting my dreams. Probably the last time I went away without them.

Salish Lodge and Spa
Gen and I enjoy a little morning yoga taught by Jess at Salish Lodge and Spa Terrace

Step 5: Yoga

Gen and I both woke up refreshed, and for the first time in a while, ready to face the day.

Yoga overlooking Snoqualmie Falls was on the menu. The roar of the water coupled with the changing fall colors made this a peaceful spot to center ourselves before we had to pack up and head home. Jess, the yoga instructor, took us through several Vinyasa, never going too fast so that I (the yoga novice) could keep up. He taught me a very valuable yoga practice lesson— as a long legged gal, I need to make my stances much wider than I think to really get into a position and feel its effects. And oh boy, did I feel it. I stretched muscles I didn’t even know I had. Yet when the class was done I felt invigorated, not sore at all.

Salish Lodge and Spa
From top left: omelet, fruit plate, seasonal coffee cake and lavender brioche french toast

Step 6: Brunch fit for a queen

How could we possibly follow up such a serene and healthy start to our morning? With brunch of course! I had no idea that Salish Lodge and Spa was so well known for its food. A reservation is a must. By the time we got to The Dining Room to claim our table, the wait was more than an hour long.

Now, I am a fan of all things breakfast. You need to impress me. You need to wow me with your food quality. I like it simple and I like it decadent. It doesn’t matter as long as it is done right. I am here to tell you that The Dining Room knows how to do it right.

My three-egg omelet with smoked salmon, goat cheese and spinach was cooked to perfection. The eggs weren’t runny inside or too dry. They were light, fluffy and the perfect shade of  sunshine yellow. The biscuits with The Dining Room’s signature “honey fall,” where the server drizzles the house-made honey from high above your head onto your biscuit, was the perfect compliment to my meal.

Have I told you about the hot chocolate? It’s not just any hot chocolate. It is a “Salish Signature Hot Chocolate Pot.” As Gen described it, it’s like a cup of warm vanilla ice cream with the best chocolate mixed into it. Unbelievably decadent and easy to share; order a cup or the whole pot. You won’t be sorry.

Salish Lodge and Spa
We were on a mission to relax. Mission accomplished!

Once again our stomachs were full to bursting. Our minds were quiet, our bodies were relaxed; we had completed our mission. The only thing left to do was head home, which we did, albeit a bit grudgingly, until we saw the smiling faces of our kids who had missed us and were happy to have us back. Their squeals and kisses do make a homecoming perfect.

Want to plan your own girlfriend getaway to Salish Lodge and Spa? Read more in my full review of our stay at the lodge and why I will be back as soon as I can.

Know Before You Go

  • Salish Lodge and Spa, 6501 Railroad Ave. SE, Snoqualmie, WA 98065
  • Reservations: Rooms and spa services require a reservation. It is recommended that you make a reservation if you would like to eat in The Dining Room as well. The Attic is first come, first served.
  • Drive time: 30-45 minutes from Seattle
  • What to pack: Cute, casual outfit for The Attic or something a bit nicer for dinner in The Dining Room (brunch is pretty relaxed), swimsuit for the spa pools and cash for tips.
  • What to leave at home: your slippers and bathrobe (both are provided), stress, cares and worries.

For details on how to get started on your own getaway at Salish Lodge and Spa, check out Salish Lodge and Spa (Part 2) Take parent pampering to the next level, coming to the site on Wednesday morning.

Many thanks to the Salish Lodge and Spa for providing lodging, activities and meals for the purposes of review and a bit of kid-free/mama bliss. As always, my opinions are my own; when they aren’t you will be the first to know.

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